Plastic Trellis Netting Protects Your Gardening Plants from Pests and Environmental Hazards

Plastic trellis netting gives your plants protection. Garden plants are victims of birds and insect pest that enjoy eating seedlings. With a plastic trellis netting, you can protect the garden plants from pests. Likewise, the protective structure supports the plants and help them grow well. It exposes the plants to ventilation and illumination for protection against heat stress.


Plastic trellis netting comes in different kinds of colours. Also, there are several sizes of the trellis netting that is available at garden stores.


Insects and birds no longer eat the crops thanks to the netting.

Benefits of Using the Plastic Trellis Netting for your garden plants


Curbs Against Pests


Applying the plastic trellis netting in your garden is a convenient way of repelling harmful birds and insects. Pigeons and other insects and animal pests enjoy taking out of the fruits produced by garden plants. When they invade the garden, they whittle down the number of yields that you can get from the plant. Plastic trellis netting prevents pests from gaining access to the plants while allowing for natural light and rainfall to touch the plants. When using the plastic trellis netting for preventing against insects, use a trellis netting with small holes


Supports Vining Plants


Plastic trellis netting serves as trellis to plants. It ensures that climbing vining plants are supported for continued growth. Using two metal stakes, plank or pole, stretch the trellis netting over the garden plants for support. Plastic trellis netting can serve as temporary support mechanism to grow seasonal climbing plants.


Revives Heat-Stressed Plants


The heat will no longer affect your plants when placing the latticed plastic mesh.

Plastic trellis netting is a potent remedy for plants that have been affected by heat. It is also ideal for plants that are reacts negatively to heat. The trellis netting can provide sensitive plants with shade for improved well-being. You can use the plastic trellis netting by driving poles into the ground and hanging the netting and leaving some inches of space between the netting and plants to avoid birds from perching on the plants.


Can be reused

Plastic trellis netting is a durable version of trellis netting. Since it is made of plastic, the trellis netting will not stretch or deform like metal trellis netting. Also, it can be reused and serve your gardening needs for many seasons.


Using Plastic Trellis Netting in the Garden


There are ways by which you can apply the plastic trellis netting in your garden. While the installation of plastic trellis netting is easy, you may require some items when using the support system for certain purposes. For instance, you need some wooden planks when constructing a fruit cage for smaller plants. The planks are used for the wooden frame that makes up the fruit cage. To construct a fruit cage, pound the wooden planks to the ground then hang the netting over the planks. For discouraging birds and insects to access the plants by flying under the netting, fix the netting to the ground using ground pegs.

Plastic trellis netting is a recommended protective mechanism for the garden. It is durable, flexible and reusable.


The plastic trellis netting lasts longer than the common trellis netting because it can be reused.


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