Plastic netting – Equipment for Pests Protection and Vertical Growth

State of Art Technology Provides High Productivity

Modern agriculture relies on state of the art technologies and techniques that can help to gain better results in less time and space. High productivity is the goal of every breeder or gardener. It is not possible to reach that goal without implementing reliable techniques. Plastic netting is an inevitable step on the long journey of growing fruits, vegetable, and other crops. From the seeding to the harvest, it has multiple purposes. Many manufacturers produce plastic netting products but the best way is always to stick to certified ones. The market is hit with the largest variety of meshes equipped with additional features in accordance with their purposes. Crop fencing, pest protection, UV stabilization, shading, and trellising belong to the most common applications of plastic netting.

brid net installed on cropfield
The plastic net provide a many benefits to your crops providind a good support and protection in your garden or cropfield.

Anti-bird Solution

Pest control is among the top priorities in the successful growing. In addition to fungi and bacterial infections, birds, especially pigeons can make serious harm to your crop. Pigeons are birds that are living in almost all the climates, and pigeon control is important to preserve crop from their picking. Plastic netting can be very beneficial in the anti-bird protection of fruit, vegetables, and other crops. By applying it against aerial bird attacks you simultaneously keep your crop safe from the ground pests. The material, anti-bird netting made of, is black rot free polypropylene. Standard dimensions of holes are 12x12mm, and they are of the rectangular shape. The netting can be adjusted to fit every surface, and the suppliers deliver it in the folded packs or rolls. Heavier grade anti-bird protection is also available.


Berries tree using bird net
The bird net is a plastic net that avoid the appareance of the pest caused by the birds.

Affordable Protection

Plastic netting for pigeon control is affordable, and you can use it to protect fruit cages or recently planted crops. Except for pigeons, this mesh works for most small animals, such as mice, rabbits, and squirrels. UV stabilization as an additional feature means it can be used in following years. It is also lightweight but not at the expense of the strength. Thanks to the lightweight and elasticity, it is simple to install in any garden structure. Throw your attention to the base. It has to be fixed securely into the ground by plastic pegs. It is important to emphasize that the mesh holes enable pollinating. If you want to prevent butterflies coming through, you will need the mesh with the smaller holes. Anti-butterfly netting has holes of 8mm in size. As for anti-bird netting, it is supplied in the two sizes, 2m, and 4m widths. Small sizes are delivered in folder packs while the large sizes are packed in rolls. They both are easy to handle. Reusable meshes are economic and cost effective besides their irreplaceable role in the protection.

Special Diamond Plastic Netting

chicken net used in garden for protection
The plastic net can use for protect protection for many types of animals.

Some special types of plastic netting, such as green diamond are also suitable for anti-bird protection. It is an economical solution for protecting all kinds of crops growing on large surfaces or small backyard gardens. The main feature of this mesh is that it could be stretched in every direction to fit the crop and successfully protect it from birds. The name comes from diamond shaped holes of 15mm x 15mm size. The installation demands only minutes of the simple work, and packs are easy to handle. Diamond plastic netting shows the excellent results in protecting crops from rabbits and domestic animals, such as cats and dogs. Economic protection against bird pests is essential for every breeder. Birds physically damage the fruits but if they come in contact with the infected plant they can spread some disease to the healthy ones. The full protection is guaranteed for flowers, vegetables, fruits including berries, and any other kind of crops. It is equally suitable for garden tunnels and if it is directly implemented over the crops or trees

Support for Climbing Plants

Plastic netting has been manufactured as a trellising net for supporting purposes of climbing vegetables, such as peas, beans, and tomatoes. The main purpose is to provide healthy growth and ideal environment for all stems. This kind of setting is used vertically as a lateral support but in certain cases, it is also an excellent solution for horizontal use. Long stemmed flowers, for example, need additional layers for the proper growth. UV stabilization and rot resistance are assumed. Trellising net is important for keeping vertically growing plants, mostly vegetables, safe off the ground. In this way, vegetables are protected from over humidity that can cause fungi infections. If the plants pull too much water from the ground, it can change the structure of fruits and cause discoloration. Such irregularities affect the quality and consequently decrease the value on the market. Trellising net combined with the pests’ protection is the standard of modern agriculture that guarantees organized and safe crop growing in the optimal environment.

cropfield with double wall system
The easy installation of the plastic net convert it a good method for dupport to your crops.

Most plastic netting is multi purpose, and it can be applied in many different ways in horticulture and gardening. It helps by vertically growing plants and it protects from pests, such as birds, especially pigeon, mice, rabbits, and squirrels. However, the pollination is not endangered, and insects can move through the net as if it wasn’t there. Netting is produced of UV resistant Polypropylene and therefore is reusable year after year. It shows the exquisite strength and elasticity, and it is easily adjustable to every surface and for different kinds of crops from trees and garden tunnels to large open air surfaces. It is lightweight and packed folded or in rolls for an easy operation. The installation is simple, and it doesn’t require much time and a lot of workers. You can do it all by yourself in no time. Chemical resistance is an additional quality and it can be found in the variety of sizes and holes widths. Netting looks attractive on the field and it is extremely long lasting. Besides general protection, it can serve as shading under burning summer rays.

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